Picture gallery #3



A pre-rainy season flash flood situation near our apartment. Note the flooded street and traffic. Shoes in hand, umbrellas uselessly raised, we waded (and I mean WADED, knee deep) home through brown, murky water that Noraseth assured me was cobra free (though I’m sure my feet stepped on other more dangerous things).
Same place, same time: Bangkok traffic, flooded street.

A drier day, but another situation unique to Bangkok. Parking lots are as crowded as the streets and you often see a line of cars parked in front of the already taken spaces. I asked Nori what happens when you come back to get your car and it is parked-in (these are not valet lots). He says if you park in front of a space you must leave your car in neutral with the parking brake off so that it can be pushed out of the way. I thought he was joking at first, but then I saw once saw someone pushing cars – a whole line of cars since you often have to move more than one – out of their way so they could get their car out. Would it work in NYC? Doubt it, but it works here!
Sherry Danish is:
a. The name of a big and burly Australian drag queen popular in Thailand.
b. An alcohol filled pastry.
c. The way most Thais pronounce and therefore spell Cherry Danish.
d. A recipe from the Frankie Valli Cookbook.
e. All of the above.
Answer: c.
At the French bakery they sell long wieners. At the Thai bakery, they only sell short wieners. At the German bakery, it’s all about thick wurst in a bed of kraut and at the American bakery it’s hot dogs in buns.
Nori is at the French bakery buying:
a. Only cookies and croissants.
b. Really, only cookies and croissants.
c. No, really, only cookies and croissants.
d. No, REALLY, only cookies and croissants!
I get to work pretty early. One of the main buildings at Chulalongkorn University, pre-dawn.
I get to work pretty early, part 2. Dawn over downtown Bangkok from the 11th floor of the Faculty of Arts building, Chula.
Freshman orientation day, male students in dress whites.
Boys in their less formal daily uniforms play some mini-soccer by the mini 7-11 on campus.
Freshman orientation day, part 2. Female freshman wear the same uniforms as their second, third and forth year classmates. They are easily recognizable, though, by the traditional white shoes and socks worn only by them.

Faculty of Arts cafeteria, first day of the new semester part 2. The teachers table is just behind the girl in the yellow polo shirt, you can just make out a few of my colleagues.
The smart shopper at Carrefour.
Yes, he clips coupons.
But I like him best cuz he’s cute.
Innit he?
Between the subway stop and our apartment in Huay Kwang. The moment of complete sunset, monsoon storm moving in. Drama in blue and black.