Picture gallery #2


Our son Joshua, born 19 Feb 2008 in Wuppertal, Germany.
Joshua with his two mothers, Nina and Yuan Tzu. (Nina is his biological mother. Noraseth is his biological father.)
View from the balcony of our current apartment during the day.
View from the same balcony at night. The city comes alive at night.
That balcony again. Yes, the kitchen sink is on the balcony. Harder to believe is that I am actually doing the washing up. Even harder to believe is that this picture wasn’t staged.
Our current living room. V.I.P. Apartments, Room 803
Noraseth in his home office. I suspect he’s writing lesson plans. I look like that when I’m planning lessons too.
Only part of teaching takes place in the classroom. The other part takes place in my office. I’m grading reading test for English II here.
What book to read next? Another shot in the office at Chulalongkorn University.
With Mod and Papa at a temple near Pattaya in Chonburi Provence.
Family travel, Thai style. On the secondary highway near Pattaya we were stopped at a red light and Noraseth was able to get a shot of the family on the motorbike next to us. It is normal, as I’ve written in the journals, to see families traveling like this. Often the children are sound asleep and leaning on the adults.
He looks innocent enough but underneath that smile lurks the soul of a true diva.
Noraseth on the beach at Pattaya.
On the main street in our new neighbourhood.
Buddhist Monk feeding a baby elephant on Sukumvit Road. It’s a bit illegal to bring elephants into the Bangkok city limits, but they do turn up now and then.
With Noraseth, Mod and Papa at MK Restaurant, Esplanade Mall, Huay Kwang, Bangkok - near our current apartment.
What I did during my part of my summer vacation (for 20 days, 3 hours every morning): Thai class, from left, our teacher Jirawan (Thailand), behind her Chuichi (Japan), Annika (Bangladesh), Jonathan (England), myself, Yumiko (Japan), Izumi (Japan) and, kneeling, Miguel (Portugal) and Noriyuki (Japan). 
From my 11th floor office window, part of the downtown skyline and the school next door.  It's 7:30 a.m. and the students, in their uniforms, barely visible, lining up for announcements and singing.
The lush alley behind V.I.P. Apartments, where we currently live.
Early afternoon on the street in front of V.I.P. Apartments, a man selling (fake) flowers.

Waiting room , main train station, downtown Bangkok

Another view of the inside of the main train station.  Note the German style.
All Thai students wear uniforms while attending school at all levels - but free time on the streets teenage boys are free to make whatever fashion statement they wish - as he has!