Picture gallery


During the rainy season the Chulalongkorn University hallways fill up with colourful umbrellas when the students are in class. 
A close up of a typical rainy season hallway umbrella garden.
Meanwhile, down on the veranda ...  the umbrella garden is not just limited to the hallways in front of the classrooms.
Freshman on the final day of class.  Smiling in spite of the grades I gave them (or because of the grades I gave them.  You'd have to ask them.)
A typical Bangkok construction site. I thought it was interesting because of the network of sheet metal roads build over the wet, soupy sand.  Not very stable underpinnings for a high-rise, but I haven't heard of any of them falling yet!
Bangkok downtown - waiting for the light to change.  Notice how the motorcycles "have" the right of way to weave through moving traffic on their way to the front.  It's an odd feeling to be on a motorcycle taxi (yes, I do) when they are weaving in and out of moving cars. 
On the Chula campus.  Once used for classes, these older buildings are all used for administration now.  Bucholic.  
A new view of the Faculty of Arts on the Chulalongkorn campus.  I spend most of my waking hours (and some of my napping hours) here.
On campus, the pool where I swim - large and usually empty (though it can get crowded in the evening).  It's kind of like having your own private, olympic-sized pool.  Until a few other swimmers show up.
Wait, there's a few swimmers now.  Now, if they keep to their side and I keep to mine and no one else comes round, I can still pretend it's my own private pool.
Bangkok downtown near Siam Square.  Typical street scene.
From our balcony - itinerant constuction worker camp.  These camps are always near construction sites and are built of aluminum sheets and wooden posts.  They house the construction workers (and their families), who are usually Burmese. 
A diva awaiting its prey.
Nori buying fried fuck-tong (pumpkin).
The wonderfully spoiled boy cat named White, who lives in our building, enjoying the cool shade of a small umbrella garden.
My desk at the office on a creative day (must've been during the October semester break.  Normally the desk is covered with student work rather than my Brush Painting books.)